Fieldhouse Welcomes The End Of America to the Team

The End of America is not some grand political statement – it is a band of friends, singers and travelers who blend three-part harmony with rock and americana. The Philadelphia-based trio achieves a style that resonates with fans of Ryan Adams, CSNY, and Dawes. The band has released two EPs and a single since their … Continue reading


In Case You Missed It: Fieldhouse’s CMJ Artist Showcase at Rockwood Music Hall

It was a wonderful week in NYC for this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, even if the weather was a bit gloomy. Alongside all the fantastic panels and other performances, Fieldhouse showed off some of their very own talented artists in a showcase at Rockwood Music Hall. In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of … Continue reading


Fieldhouse Welcomes The Whims to the Team!

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York City’s The Whims deliver indie-inflicted power pop which merges the effortless hooks and jangly riffs of the British invasion with all-American garage rock stomp. Channeling the classic sounds of The Kinks, Big Star, and Cheap Trick as well as the more contemporary songcraft of Weezer, the Strokes, and the New … Continue reading


Beyond the Monster Mash: A Halloween Playlist

PLAYLIST:  Beyond the Monster Mash: A Halloween Playlist (OCTOBER 29TH, 2014) We all love a good holiday mix and Halloween is no exception! Although there will always be a place in our hearts for the old standbys, you’ll find no “Ghostbusters” or “Thriller” here; instead we’ve rounded up some (mostly) new ghoulish indie and rock songs … Continue reading