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Savoring the Sunshine: A Playlist for the End of Summer August is almost halfway over; back-to-school ads are all over the television, Labor Day is a few weeks away and the summer is slipping away. Still, the weather’s fine and there are plenty of beautiful afternoons left to enjoy. We put together a sunny collection … Continue reading


The Music Industry is Dead, Long Live the Music Industry!

If you’ve read any news lately concerning the music industry, you’ve likely encountered severe doom and gloom. With titles like “How One Generation Was Single-Handedly Able to Kill the Music Industry” and “The Music Industry is Still Screwed: Why Spotify, Amazon and iTunes Can’t Save Musical Artists,” it all sounds positively apocalyptic.While no one would … Continue reading


Fieldhouse is proud to welcome Chrissi Poland to our growing artist roster!

Soulful siren and songwriter Chrissi Poland weaves together the sounds of soul, jazz and pop, creating her unique and captivating tone, compelling people to wonder how “that voice comes from that little body.” Often drawing comparisons to Aretha Franklin, Carol King, and contemporaries such as Adele and Diane Birch, her songwriting embodies a lyrical depth … Continue reading


Link Round-Up: First Week of August

Link Love: Sorry, Taylor Swift Sorry, Taylor Swift. Crowdfunding is great and all but the music industry isn’t one of your rose-colored love songs. On the other hand, fan campaigns offer an interesting new avenue for innovation and revenue. The perennially entertaining website Cracked details how your favorite websites are ruining music. The Daily Beast … Continue reading