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Man vs Machine: The New Trend in Streaming Music

Who’s in charge of what you’re listening to? Unless you’re listening to your own finely crafted mixtape or playlist, someone else is pulling the strings. It used to be the tastemakers: the artists and producers who put together albums, the disk jockeys who played hits on the radio, maybe your connoisseur friend who put together … Continue reading


We are proud to announce Chris Ayer has joined the Fieldhouse team!

Chris Ayer is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles CA. Growing up in Virginia, he got his start singing along to tapes of Paul Simon and Elvis. In the last few years, Ayer has played over 1000 shows in the US, UK & Europe, including a sold out headlining tour of the Netherlands in … Continue reading


What You Need to Know About Music Legislation Right Now

We as casual music listeners take radio for granted. Want to catch up on The Tallest Man on Earth’s entire discography? Need some background music while getting ready for work? Looking for new artists? While everyone knows downloading music for free is illegal and immoral, streaming your favorite songs on your phone or tuning into … Continue reading