Generation Bass: Leading the Dubstep Revolution

With Dubstep now infiltrating  and dominating both the underground and mainstream music scenes, it’s interesting to take a step back and look at how some of the earliest leaders of the Dubstep revolution got started. Fieldhouse partner Generation Bass is one of those forerunners, starting as a small music blog that grew to be a leader in dance music, influencing blogs like Fader and Diplo’s Mad Decent. (Oh, and the freaky skull logo? It recently grabbed the attention of Generation Bass reader Christina Applegate and found it’s way onto her show “Up All Night”. Not too bad.)  Check out Generation Bass’s backstory below, and head over to their artist page to hear some tracks.

“Generation Bass is run by Vincent Koreman Koreman, who is based in Holland and DJ UMB, who is based in England.

From it’s humble beginnings in Feb 2009, the award winning Generation Bass Blog ( has come a long way in its almost 3 year history. Now a full fledged digital record label,  Generation Bass has been exposing listeners to the hottest new trends in global/electronic/dance hybrids.  From Dubstep, Kuduro, Cumbia, Barefoot, Kwaito, Laser Bass, Moombahton and more, the blog has pioneered a host of exciting new sounds in the electronic music world.

Many of the underground artists it has first broke all over the blogosphere have gone onto success and picked up by labels like Man Recordings & Mad Decent and others. has now amassed over 3 million visitors and is hitting round 4000+ visitors on a daily basis and this is growing.

Generation Bass has gone on to win awards, The Best Up and Coming Act or Organization from Music Centre Netherlands and has been voted a Top 10 blog by AfroPop Worldwide.

Generation Bass has been featured on various South American TV stations and mentioned as a highly influential blog by broadsheets worldwide, including the UK’s Guardian Newspaper who described it as an essential source for new Transnational Club sounds and Germany’s biggest online newspaper SPIEGEL, who said it’s a Hipster Blog essential for anybody into Global Bass sounds.

It has also been cited as an influence by other big blogs like The Fader and Diplo’s Mad Decent and Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings has called it the best music blog on the planet!  It has inspired a whole new crop of imitators.

Generation Bass has also put on “Generation Bass Festivals” in both the UK and the Netherlands. They have also hosted live events & Generation Bass stages at some of the biggest festivals in the world like Mundial, Incubate, Lowlands (HOLLAND), Roskilde (DENMARK) Pecz (Hungary) and Drop Beats Not Bombs (UK) & Essouira Festival  (Morocco).

Generation Bass DJs have played alongside or acted as support acts for Speed Caravan, Gilles Peterson, Datsik, Poirier, Douster, Daara J, Buraka Som Sistema, Von D and Bentley Rythm Ace, Joker, Reso, Bomb Squad, MRK1, Haaksman, Headhunter, Jakes, Bomba Estereo, Shackleton, Neil Landstrumm, Cooly G and many, many others.

In the latter part of 2010, it entered its new phase as a digital record label and already people are starting to cite it is as one of the labels to watch out for in 2011.

Generation Bass say that their releases will be varied and diverse, just like the music they cover on their blog, taking in everything from Dubstep, Cumbia, Kuduro through to Moombahton and other new genres that they discover or invent.

In 2011 they released their first worldwide compilation Transnational Dubstep to critical acclaim HERE and read more about it PRESS JUNKIE.

Through its founders, Umb & Vince, it has pioneered many concepts and championed many genres to worldwide success. As an indication of their visionary powers, what Generation Bass talks about today usually catches on a few years later in the commercial world.”

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