John Loeffler: Associate Producer of “The Black Tulip”

Next week, on October 26th, 2012, the film The Black Tulip will be released in US Theaters. John Loeffler,founder & executive director of Fieldhouse Music, was the Associate Producer for this film!

The Black Tulip, directed by Sonia Nassery Cole, was originally released in Afghanistan on September 23, 2010. The film was the winner of several awards, including “Best Feature Film” at the Boston International and Beverly Hills Film Festivals.


After the Taliban is routed from Afghanistan in early 2001, the Mansouri family seizes the new window of freedom by opening a restaurant called “The Poet’s Corner,” with an open microphone and an inviting platform for all to read poetry, perform music and tell their stories. This newfound hope proves to be fleeting as they struggle to maintain their way of life when encountering opposition from lingering factions of the Taliban. “Black Tulip” is a modern portrait of Afghanistan that captures the current plight and resilience of its people. The film was made to give voice to the voiceless people of Afghanistan by telling a story through the eyes of an everyday family from Kabul, who remain hopeful despite constant struggle and tragedy. (Film Website)

John Loeffler, along with David Wolfert, also wrote music for the film:

“Black Tulip Theme” –Loeffler/Wolfert

“Black Tulip Ending” –Loeffler/Wolfert

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