Jago Thorne Scores Upcoming Film: Victoriana

“Jago Thorne delivers new lush compositions for Jadrien Steele’s motion picture “Victoriana” expected to screen at major festivals in 2013. Jago’s score features provocative themes centered around the piano and the live performances of a mid-sized string section moving parallel with the narrative’s evolution.”

Victoriana is written and directed by Jadrien Steele

Story: “Grand dreams take a dark turn when a young couple risks everything to buy a Brooklyn brownstone, and unexpectedly inherit a troubled, elderly tenant.”

Jago talks about the scoring process:

“There were aspects of scoring Victoriana that went totally as planned and that felt pretty good. The director and I were in agreement, the music seemed to reveal itself pretty quickly, and I could sense that the compositions were gluing themselves to the narrative. For the cue titled “June”, the process was the opposite of planned as it was based on an improvisation between Roy (MacNeil) on violin and me on the piano. I think thats where our band dynamic really helped to grow a piece quickly from nothing in an organic way. While watching the scene up on screen, Roy and I would exchange looks and we’d know where we wanted to go just from playing so much together. The changes weren’t straight ahead so it was pretty great to hear the whole thing come together on shared instinct. Overall, I thought it would be interesting to write strong lines for the bass section and give the music a kind of modern weight in the low end as well as feature a solo bowed bass for some scenes. Nich (concert bass soloist on Victoriana) is very comfortable playing up on the bass and covers a big range in the final scenes. When Nich and I work together as Jago Thorne & The Archer we never hold back criticism if something isn’t working— musical honesty is something you get more and more comfortable with and it carries over to any genre.”

A memorable moment:

“There was one overdub on the soundtrack that had to be performed late in the process and there was no way of getting back into the studio. I put a guide track on the laptop and found a quiet room where Roy could perform a few lines on violin. The cooling fan from the laptop sounded like a industrial blower through the sensitive mics. I found a huge down comforter and threw it over me and the laptop for noise reduction. This turned into a scene that felt like half laptop DJ production method half David Lynch dream sequence. Conducting from beneath a white comforter just comes off as “spooky ghost maestro” with a disembodied hand poking out and waving slowly while a solo violin plays long sliding notes. It was complete delirium.”

Music Composed by Jago Thorne
Piano & Synth: Jago Thorne
Soloists: Maeve Gilchrist, Harp; Stan Harrison, Tnr/Alto/Bari Sax; Roy MacNeil, Violin/Viola; Nich Merriam, Concert Bass

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