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The Fieldhouse Artist of the Month
for February is Jago Thorne!

Here at Fieldhouse Music, we have always been impressed with Jago’s talent, insight, and determination as an artist. Bedridden for a year, he was able to overcome the obstacle and harness a deep inspiration. Jago released his debut studio album Fire in the Wake in 2012. Jago toured in support of the album, while writing new material alongside Nich Merriam (double-bass) and Roy MacNeil (violin, viola). The group discovered their distinctive sound combining Jago’s songwriting and melodic instincts with elements of indie chamber pop. The creative structure of the band was formed while recording music in an old New England barn and during late night sessions in vacant concert halls. They performed consistently in New York, making their debut as Jago Thorne and The Archer at the Fieldhouse CMJ Music Showcase at The Cutting Room on October 18, 2012. They were so well received, The Cutting Room invited them back in 2013. The band can’t wait to get back on that stage and play new material.

Jago and Stan at the Paramount Screening in December.

Jago and Stan at the Paramount Screening in December.

A month after CMJ, Jago was asked to compose music for the independent feature film Victoriana directed by Jadrien Steele. The score highlights live string performances from the ensemble, featuring Roy Macneil (violin/viola), Nich Merriam (concert bass), Maeve Gilchrist (harp), and Stan Harrison (horns). The film was completed and is slated to screen at festivals in 2013.

“Jago has accomplished almost a miracle of underscoring excellence by creating a whole orchestra worth of sounds and textures with only a few instruments. I sure hope he continues to do more film scores in the future.”
                              –John Loeffler, Executive Director

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After a successful end to 2012, the band is anxious to get back in the studio, record all their new material, and introduce a sound they grew into recently. Jago Thorne and The Archer is expected to debut their eponymous LP later this year. Listeners can expect more strings, piano, and interesting percussive colors that some might say is a blend of chamber pop and cinema-songwriter (and maybe some other totally made up meta-genre).

Check out this video of Jago Thorne and the Archer performing “William Tell” at a secret Sofar performance in NYC, USA at CMJ on October 19, 2012, a track expected on the upcoming release!

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