Loeffler & Wolfert Compose Theme for Fuse News

Executive Director John Loeffler and his composing partner David Wolfert have done it again!
Together they composed the theme for the new hit Fuse News, which debuted last Wednesday Feb. 6th.

Picture 2

“Join anchors Alexa Chung and Matte Babel as they bring you the first hard-hitting news show to tackle music exclusively: Fuse News. Keeping you plugged-in to the stories that matter most, correspondents Jack Osbourne, Liz Walaszczyk and Elaine Moran provide an in-depth look at the world of music from the field and in the studio. Featuring artist interviews, live performances, behind-the-scenes access and expert panelists… this isn’t just the news. This is the music news!” – Fuse News Website

“We think there is a tremendous opportunity for Fuse News to fill a void and become the trusted, go-to destination for music fans” – Producer, Rick Kaplan


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