The Best Music You’ve Never Heard

The Fieldhouse Artist of the Month for September is Josh Flagg!

We are happy to have this opportunity to highlight a very dedicated artist, Josh Flagg. Just last month Josh released his new EP: Youth Hotel, which is available for FREE download on Bandcamp this month only!

Youth Hotel is a bit of a change of pace from what I’ve been putting out into the world the past few years in that it’s a bit more quiet and contemplative. I’ve been playing with the same group of guys for years now and collaboratively we tend to prefer the fast, loud, rock ‘n roll type of song, but the fact is that I write a lot of quieter songs that never quite seem to fit into the type of record we are making at the time. – Josh Flagg

Check out the official music video for “Home”:

I was in my apartment playing around with a capoed guitar and the song “Home” just kind of spilled out into a notebook as if it was formed whole somewhere else and I just happened to receive it. The best songs sort of happen that way – there wasn’t much of any editing or struggling with the right lines, it just happened all in fifteen minutes. I had written the song “Crooked Fingers” in London a couple years ago in much the same way, but I had always envisioned playing it with the band in a louder setting with it becoming sort of a space jam at the end of the song, but I realized that it’d be best to keep it a little more subtle. Finally, I had always loved the haunting song “Pub’s Crawl” which was written by a singer/songwriter here in NYC named Daniel Wayne, and I would play it in my living room all the time acoustically. Daniel graciously let me do a version of the song and I hope that I’ve done it justice. I am lucky enough to work with some truly talented and amazing musicians- Scott Campbell (drums), Jamie Tanner and Oscar Bautista (guitars) added their musicianship and ears, and bassist/producer extraordinaire Marty Fowler worked the dials. Each song had a little key to getting to the heart of it – the mandolin in “Home”, the bells in “Crooked Fingers” and the atmospheric time shifting in “Pub’s Crawl”, and once the key was found the tumblers just fell into place. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out and I hope that listeners enjoy it.

JFO at Arlene's


Every Monday after Labor Day. 8PM. FREE SHOW.

We’re all pretty excited to play things we’ve been working on in the rehearsal room to people who’ve never heard them before. I can’t wait to see everyone this month!

The band will be playing songs from all of their releases and debuting/testing lots of new material for their upcoming record, along with some special guests!

While in NYC, the band will also be playing a benefit show for Urban Workshop NYC on Sunday, September 15th at Cameo in Brooklyn.

The band is currently hard at work writing and demoing material for their next full-length record and hope to start production early next year. Josh thought it would be fun to give a sneak peek at one of the demos they’ve been working on:

“Poison the Well” is a bit of an epic piece (considering it’s clocking in around seven minutes), but it flies by and it’s quite a journey. Enjoy!


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