In The Field : Jared Mahone : Sept 20 ’13

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September 20, 2013

Some of the best days on tour are the times I can play two shows in one day. I would play three shows in one day if I could. Days like this are pretty exciting, especially when the shows are far away from each other. It makes for a bit of a scramble. Not only did I play two shows yesterday, but I also got one of the most exciting phone calls that made the day even a little more hectic. My band was invited to play on the Katie Couric Show. That doesn’t seem too hectic until I tell you that the taping is happening this coming Wednesday. As you know, I’m currently on tour. I have a show in Pittsburgh that night. Not only that, the load-in and cue rehearsal for taping this show is the Tuesday before. I have TWO shows that day. Along with playing two shows yesterday, I was also frantically calling my booking agents, my band, and the coordinator to put all this together and confirm with the show that we were even able to do it. I’m happy to say, everything worked out and the two shows went really well. See you on Katie Couric!Jared Mahone


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