In The Field : Jared Mahone : Sept 21 ’13

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September 21, 2013

I realize this may sound a little heartless, but it has been my experience on the road for so many years that there seem to be only a dozen or so types of human beings in America. I come to this generalizing conclusion only from my years of touring across this nation and getting the chance to meet more than my fair share of folks. I’m in completely different parts of the country and yet I seem to “know” people I have never met before. Yes, yes, I’m sorry, everyone is their own unique snowflake of a person. I probably would have believed that before I was on the road so much. I guess it’s possible that because I’m a songwriter/storyteller, I’m seeing what I want to see, looking for archetypes and characters and seeing Mother Mary in my melting pot of Mac & Cheese. And I guess this kind of talk tips a hat to a horoscope philosophy that I do not subscribe to at the same time contradicting every Ayn Rand book I’ve ever read. But, hey, maybe the guy that came up with the zodiac was a touring musician. From my perspective, the fact remains that most personality types fit into only a handful of categories. Which is why it’s so shocking and refreshing when I meet someone who doesn’t fit any of the previous molds. Meeting someone like this in your lifetime only happens once in awhile so it’s a significant enough experience to point it out. I was fortunate enough to grow up with one such individual. We called him Critter. They didn’t just break the mold, they lit it on fire and threw the ashes out to sea. It should go without saying that another brilliant example of this lily among the thorns phenomenon was reinforced after meeting the girl who miraculously married me. There is truly no one like her, male or female. A couple years back on tour in Lebanon, CT, I met a guy named Jabez Manning. A whirlwind of charming ego. That guy put a new wrinkle in my brain and left a very tangible impression. And last night at the show, I reconnected with this kid I met a few months back who is one of these rare uncatagorizables (unique enough for whom to create a new noun). inthefield9:21I know him only as Nate for now but hope our paths continue to cross, for I know that my path with be enriched by simply spending even brief moments with this kid. The paradox in writing about these folk is that they are nearly impossible to sum up with a handful of descriptors. But, when you meet one, you know you’ve witnessed something actually special and not the PC special we graciously hand the masses. And as for these masses, I am no exception. Everywhere I go people tell me that I remind them of someone they know. I’m never me. I’m always someone’s old roommate, or brother’s friend from high school or Napoleon Dynamite. Despite my desire to be one of these true individuals, I’ve come to terms with my category and realize it might even help my chosen profession in some way by being instantly familiar to an audience. I like to call us “Every Man Model #6.Jared Mahone

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