In the Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 7 ’13

Come December Banner

October 7, 2013
“Just Go With It”

If you are a stickler for travel plans, indie touring might not be for you. You can have tour routing all set in what you think is stone before you go, but more often than not, it ends up being more like water. At times, new shows will pop up in the middle of a tour where you planned a day off. Or more likely, a show you thought may confirm ends up a “no go” at the last minute. The point is, you’ve got to stay fluid. So, with a couple shows in a row not coming through for me, I found myself out in South Dakota for the weekend until my next show in WI.

Instead of submitting to being stranded in the Blizzard State, I looked at a few options to get some work done. Chicago was kind of on the way to my next show so I thought I’d head into the city and check out some venues to play. (BTW – “on the way” when driving around the country, can literally mean 2-3 hours out of my way. I also use phrases like, “right up the road”. i.e. NYC is right up the road from Philly) Or, I could camp out in a cheap motel somewhere and do a little more production work on the Come December song we are planning on releasing this Christmas. Then I remembered that my two cousins are at college in Elgin just outside of Chicago at the same place my parents attended. My folk married while in school resulting in “yours truly” making this little town my birthplace. Needless to say, this location, so far from home, held some sentiment and is currently housing a couple of my favorite family members. So the option to come visit them for the weekend seemed like a no brainer.

It was an unexpected, yet perfect detour. A little family, a little frisbee, a free place to crash and a quiet place to do a little studio work. Jared Mahone



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