In the Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 17 ’13

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October 17, 2013
“Highs and Lows”

From a spirit regenerating, soul inspiring concert opening for Chris Trapper last night to what might have been THE worst show of my career tonight. There are about ten factors that can make a show pretty bad and I think this one had nine of them. I take the brunt of the responsibility with my brand new head cold that made my sinuses feel like they were going to explode my face every time I made a sound as well as having the experience of a grueling travel day to get to the show that day. I totally phoned it in and collected a check. I would feel worse about it than I do if any human being at all would have showed up for the show. The promoter couldn’t have cared any less about me being there and he wore it all over every slow, dragging step of his unmotivated body. It set a bad tone for the night that was hard to break, especially in my poor health. Based on the “crowd”, I’m guessing the promotions for the show in the weeks prior was tackled with the same level of enthusiasm. On top of all that, about twenty minutes before the start of show time, a bitter cold and spiteful rain fell from the sky with the unrelenting fury of a high school bully atop some kind ginger who just wants to get good grades.

I realize, I sound like a bitter prima donna. But, I promise you, never have I ever had this attitude about a show. I have always said, no matter how many people are out there, you perform like it’s twenty thousand. Well, what if that number is zero? No joke, not one person came. Only thirty-five minutes after the start of show time did two people wander in as if they were in the wrong building, at which point, I jumped up there and gave it the old college try. I was kindly and warmly received but I knew I wasn’t all there. The icing on the cake is that I felt so sick that I shot back an over dose of NyQuil just before show time. To make matters worse, I was working on the show time given to me in the contract, which was a full hour earlier than the promoted show time. This fact I found out as I was walking up on stage to get set a full hour earlier than they had planned! But, that’s back on me because, I probably could have straightened out that very important detail earlier than that moment.

Needless to say, by the time I actually started playing, I was so deep in a NyQuil doze that I barely remember being there. Glad I don’t do shows like that. I am terrible high. I’m pretty sure I paused for a good two minutes in the middle of the sentence of a pre-song story to count raindrops hitting the window outside. I am writing this in my hotel bed wide awake at 4am now that the medicine has worn off, completely sober and feeling like I fell on the grenade for my bro.Jared Mahone


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