In The Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 19 ’13

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October 19, 2013

Yesterday I had a day off between shows and I happened to be close enough to Buffalo to stop by the conference for NACA MidAtlantic. The National Association of Campus Activities is a non-profit organization that hosts regional and national conferences and acts as a conduit between college promoters and agents who represent pretty much anyone who might want to be hired for a college campus event. The agents and artists like me are there to sell our brand to college buyers and the colleges come to spend money and plan events for their school year.

That’s sound like business, but that’s not really the feel of the atmosphere. I have a lot of good friends now who are other associates, artists, promoters, and college students who I have met over the last couple of years. It’s always so great to be at the conferences to reconnect and even meet some new cool folks. A high percentage of these students have all chosen to be involved in leadership and planning committees on their campuses so it’s a very high performance environment and becomes and inspiring time with some great people.

In the first couple of years, we did a street style hustle as self-represented artists to build a brand in this market and it has paid off. We are now represented by the largest and most successful agency in the market and I tour college campuses all over the country. This NACA adventure is the very reason for this journal. Jared Mahone


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