In the Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 22 ’13

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October 22, 2013
“Back and Fourth”

I think a lot of people assume that a concert tour means that the musician or band is away for one big long stretch. Once you come home, that tour is over. For me, that is true only some of the time. There are also times in the middle of a tour when I get to come back home and visit for a bit. This tour has had a handful of opportunities like that as you have read and this passed weekend was another. I definitely don’t HAVE to come back home between dates but for any tour, I’m usually trying to make the most fiscally smart decisions that I can. The main goals of my touring are two fold; making money and promoting my brand to markets other than home base. If I’m not making money, I’m at least trying to break even or lose as little as possible.

Promotion for any brand is usually an expense. In fact, that’s how most major labels have treated touring for years. Touring and playing live shows is a means to selling a lot more albums. But, anymore, touring is the biggest paycheck for the musicians. For the indie game, when tour gigs pay, it provides a chance to actually make money while promoting music. So, although it would be romantic of me to say I’m coming home to kiss my girl because I miss her so much, while true, that’s really only part of the equation. The other part is that it just makes good economical sense to make the drive and have a free place to crash. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense and it’s cheaper to stay out and find the cheapest overnight accommodations available. It’s great to have friends all over the country who are kind enough to host me when it helps ease some of the road expenses. And, because I know how this game works, I return the favor to touring musicians who are coming through my town anytime I can.

So, I got home Sunday evening, spent the next day relaxing with my people at home, and that night got to go to our weekly Monday night band meetings that happen if I’m there or not. We ate, we laughed, we made plans for the future, and did a little promo work for upcoming shows. It’s so much fun to be on this adventure with my friends even if they can’t be with me for every show.

Today, I’m getting on a plane bound for South Dakota again. Jared Mahone


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