In The Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 23 ’13

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October 23, 2013
“Driving over Flying”

This week is not going to be a very fun travel week. Poor routing is taking me to SD, then VA, then IA. Got to go where the shows are when the people want you. But all it means for me is flying. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly. The whole experience is fun. . .when I’m going on vacation. When I’m touring, it’s a pain. I can’t take all my gear, it’s usually more expensive, and most of the time I end up getting sick from being cooped up with the masses.

I’m not a private flight kind of guy. I’m not even a first class kind of guy. Maybe one day flying will be THE way to tour. But, for now, just give me my Toyota Corolla with 170k miles on it and let me stuff it to the roof with everything I need to do my job the best I can do it. I will take that over flying any day.Jared Mahone


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