In The Field : Jared Mahone : Oct 26 ’13

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October 26, 2013
“The Friendly Skies”

I met a pilot sitting next to me on the flight. No, I was not in the cockpit, although, that would have been cool. He was a passenger in full uniform so I thought it might be ok to try out a few questions I have always wanted to ask a pilot. After talking with him for a while about his near thirty year life as a commercial pilot, he inquired about mine. I said I was a musician. This man then gave me the always deflating but completely expected skeptical head nod. This nod usually comes complete with a pitying and disappointed tilt as if to communicate concern for my apparent delusion. I smiled, knowing I could explain my life to him in a way that might lead him to give me a very different look. But, I would never just offer that information up. I have nothing to prove, so I never have a problem letting people think what they will on limited information. But, he politely pried so I had the chance to elaborate.

I told him of some of our accomplishment and his eyes got a little brighter. He asked more questions. I explained some of our successes and he leaned in a bit more. He had more questions still. I explained our sound, goals, prospects, and creative partnerships and he smiled and shook my hand. He promptly pulled out his phone and showed me a picture with the audible caption, “This was my former life.”

He showed me a photo of himself surrounded by a plethora of very nice guitars and explained that he had worked as a musician for a period of 12 years. He played bass mostly with some great 80s bands and played on a few records during the time he lived in NYC. He said he still plays but just as a hobby and congratulated me for getting to work full time as a musician as if it was a torch I was carrying.

I guess one day I could be a pilot but that would be a whole new adventure. For now, I’m living this dream, maybe for more people than just myself. Jared Mahone


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