In the Field : Jared Mahone : 10/30 “Couric!!”

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October 30, 2013

Well, after telling you about our exciting invite to perform on the Katie Couric show and then having to share the disappointing news that our appearance had been postponed shortly thereafter, I have been hopping this day would come around. We are back on for the show! This morning I am getting on a flight at 5:20 AM here in Fargo so that I can make it to the Katie show tech rehearsal in time. Actually, the producer is having us come to today’s taping first to get an idea of how things work before we do our taping tomorrow.

Many things have transpired between our initial invitation and today. For instance, the show decided to hire a house band to do all the bumpers and walk-ins and now I just get to be the featured artist. The best part is, I got my buddy Ryan Vaughn the gig as the drummer/music director and he got to hire all his friends to be the band. So, it’s going to be nothing but fun. Those guys will cover the TV bumpers and walk-ins and I will be the featured artist. This should be crazy fun. Jared Mahone

katie cd sleeve cover


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