Link Round-Up: First Week of August

120309-taylor-swiftLink Love: Sorry, Taylor Swift

Sorry, Taylor Swift. Crowdfunding is great and all but the music industry isn’t one of your rose-colored love songs.

On the other hand, fan campaigns offer an interesting new avenue for innovation and revenue.

The perennially entertaining website Cracked details how your favorite websites are ruining music.

The Daily Beast suggests some lessons the music industry can learn from television, specifically how to convince consumers your product is worth paying for.

From authenticity to ethics to creative funding sources, we love the unconventional tactics that Weird Al Yankovic used for his most recent batch of parody videos.

In case you missed it, last month Brett Domino’s cheeky “How to Make a Hit Song” video went viral. Check out his hilarious and spot-on guide here.

A look back: 15 years after Napster, how the music service changed the industry.

Artists and streaming radio might not be making any money, but these four companies represent the top revenue makers in the music industry.

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