Five Ways to Expand Your Fanbase

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As a musician, it can be hard to be heard these days. There are more avenues than ever to get your music out there, but getting people to love it so much that they buy it, share it and come to your shows is a different story. Here are a few tips to help recruit a loyal fan club:


  1. Shore up your internet presence


We know you’ve probably got all the basics already: a website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud. There’s also the all-important email list, which you should ensure has a prominent sign up link on every page of your website. Also make sure you’re making it worth people’s while, offering free music, exclusive offers and minimal spam.


  1. Engage, engage, engage


Constantly interact with followers on social media and get them involved. Answer questions, listen to feedback, get creative and challenge fans to design your next album cover or write a parody of your new single. Make sure to share plenty of behind-the-scenes photos and video footage of you and your band and keep everyone updated on recording sessions, touring and shows. Tumblr is a great platform for reaching out as well.


  1. Be hip


Be current on the music scene and get to know key music bloggers who can get you exposure. Consider making and sharing playlists on platforms like Spotify and 8tracks that both feature your own music and shows off your impeccable taste.


  1. Stop, collaborate and listen


While you’re sick of hearing it, networking is invaluable. Get to know as many people as you can in all parts of the industry, from producers to engineers to venue operators. Work with other musicians by recording covers, collaborating on projects or inviting them to open for you in your hometown and vice versa.


  1. Quality over quantity


Be real and authentic with your people, build relationships and remember that one real fan is worth one hundred casual Facebook likes. It might take a while, but if you cultivate a solid base they will continue to support you and spread the word.

Image Source: Baltimore Sun

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