Matt Cranstoun Joins The Fieldhouse Team

New Jersey native and Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Cranstoun blends a range of classic and contemporary genres into his very own alternative soulful blues hybrid.
His music possesses an insightful attention to it’s lyrical story-telling and an emphasis on style and range. When it’s delivered by his voice, that has been described as both as husky as it is smooth, the energy is both fierce and sensitive.
He’s been writing, recording, and performing for over fifteen years. He’s grown into the kind of live performer that gives something more than most. He pulls so much of himself into the content first and then extends it further to his audience through his live shows.
Music runs in his blue collar background. He taught himself drums as a youth in the living room on the same drum set his father played as a kid. As he got older, his interest in other instruments grew and by the time he began work on his debut solo album (By Framed Image released in 2010) he was playing all the instruments, mixing and producing himself. The Last Drop Of Color (released late 2011) – his bigger budgeted sophomore effort – involved collaborations with NYC musicians, producer and engineer and employed a big band that featured horns and a group of gospel singers with contagious energy.
His third and most anticipated public release, Dweller In A Clearing With A Cross is slated to come out some time in Spring of 2015. On Dweller he’s left the bigger band behind and turned the focus even more inward. Producing, arranging and playing mostly everything himself again, he’s channeling that fierce and sensitive energy directly at the walls between genres. It’s an alternative, funk, blues, dance, rock landscape that lives somewhere between Tom Waits and Prince. It’s a bold step forward and shaping up to be his best yet.

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