Pledge Campaign: Throw Up with Jared Mahone!

Congratulations to Fieldhouse Artist, Jared Mahone, on the launch of his 2015 Pledge campaign! Yes, one of the many donation incentives/rewards is a “pledge” from Jared himself to face his fear of roller coasters with a lucky fan atop the nearest biggest and baddest roller coaster. Hence, “Throw Up with Jared!” Sounds fun!

If you’re not a fan of high speed coasters, then there are numerous other incentives at a myriad of price points. From recording a song with the band to picking out your very own Gibson guitar, the rewards are all truly fantastic!

Click on the link below to check out Jared’s Pledge page, and be sure to check out the amazing promotional video for the campaign!

Jared Mahone’s Pledge Campaign!


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