Check Out Will McCranie’s New LP “I Know I Didn’t Know Anything”

“The I Know I Didn’t Know Anything sessions began in Brooklyn, NY with wunderkind producer Matty Amendola at the helm. The closing trio of songs were produced by veteran super-producer Jeff Tomei just outside Atlanta, GA. The album also features standout guest spots by acclaimed songstress, Elli Perry, as well as several members of the quickly rising Atlanta bluegrass band Seven Handle Circus.

The result is a carefully balanced mix of McCranie’s alternative/pop-rock influences blended with his southern roots.  “I Know I Didn’t Know Anything is definitely going to surprise people”, says Amendola. “It is a true testament of how McCranie has grown as a person, as musician and most importantly as a songwriter. He really commits to each track and puts his own twist on it. You feel like after listening to the tracks that you have opened a beautiful music box filled with love, life, happiness, sadness, honesty and truth.”  It’s a mix of all these feelings and experiences that really make McCranie a songwriter you can connect with and who is only going to bring you alongside him on this musical journey.

Roll the windows down. Buckle up. And here we go…”
Click HERE to give it a listen and check out the below video!

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