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As his musical return to NYC is fast approaching, Sam graciously took some time to answer our questions regarding the upcoming concert series, his musical life, influences, and some of his other interests. Read his answers below, then head to Ticketfly to purchase your tickets for “Three Evenings With Sam King” at Rockwood Music Hall now!

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Q. How did you get the idea to have three consecutive shows, each with a different guest?

A. I did a similar series in Berlin featuring a new local artist every two weeks for six months. The first season was such a success, I’m lined up to do a second one in September with all new artists and a house band. In the mean time, I thought I’d bring the show over to NYC for a three night mini-series!

Q. Throughout the “An Evening with Sam King” series, you will host Rebecca Haviland, Jared Mahone, and Caleb Hawley. Could you speak briefly on your relationship with each and how they became your guests for “Three Evenings with Sam King”?

A. I have heard of all these artists and we’ve played some of the same NYC venues, so when the opportunity presented itself to get such great guests on board, I couldn’t pass it up.

Q. What’s your favorite song of each of the three guests?

A. I actually don’t study the guest’s music so intricately before each concert, so as not to take away from the spontaneity of the performance, but I love the energetic and soulful sounds of all three artists’ vocals styles.

Q. Have you played with any of the three artists before? Do you plan to rehearse or will the show be spontaneous?

A. That’s the exciting part of the concept of the show. I try to invite artists whose music I admire but with whom I’ve never actually shared a stage. I like to think of it like inviting a new artist to come hang out and play some music in my living room for the first time, except we’re inviting an audience in on this special experience.

Q. How would you describe the music that you will you be playing at Rockwood Music Hall for “Three Evenings With Sam King”?

A. As I’ll be literally learning my guests’ songs live in front of the audience, each night’s performance will be driven by the inspiration they each bring me. I’ll also be performing songs from my two EPs as well as some of music I’ve written while over here Berlin. I’ve got a couple special tricks up my sleeve for the audience with new styles I’ve picked up including using only my iPad as my instrument for a new tune.

Q. Could you share a bit about the experience you have playing at Rockwood? Have you played on Stage 3 before?

A. Rockwood has always been a musical home for me and I’ve enjoyed performing on all three of their stages over the years. My “Evening With” series in Berlin was actaully inspired by a few very special concerts I did in Stage 3 in 2014 where I featured two other NYC singer songwriters at each show and we collaborated on each other’s music in front of a mixed and very attentive audience. It’s the perfect space for small acoustic shows.

Q. You’re living in Berlin now. When’s the last time your were in the states?

A. I moved here a year ago and have been home only once so far. I came back in February of this year to launch my All I Need EP and make the offfical music video for the song All I Wanna Do. Folk’s can check it out on my website. We’re shooting the second official video during my upcoming trip.

Q. We’ve noticed you’re a little bit into coffee. Where are you looking forward to getting coffee when you’re back in NYC?

A. I’m super into coffee, but not in the way of craving caffeine so much as craving perfection. There are a lot of new shops that have opened up since I left town, but one of my favorites is a small group of specialty shops with awesome coffee and food called Blue Stone Lane.

Buy Tickets for “Three Evenings With Sam King”

Fieldhouse Music Presents:
Three Evenings with Sam King
at Rockwood Music Hall Stage Three

June 24 – Featuring Rebecca Haviland
Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/849067-night-one-sam-king-rebecca-new-york/

June 25 – Featuring Jared Mahone
Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/849071-night-two-sam-king-jared-new-york/

June 26 – Featuring Caleb Hawley
Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/849075-night-three-sam-king-caleb-new-york/

Doors @ 9:30 PM
Show @ 10:00 PM

$12/Evening OR $30/Three Night Pass*
*Three Night Pass: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/849099-three-night-pass-sam-king-new-york/

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage Three
185 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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