Thank You For “Three (Successful) Evenings With Sam King”!


At the close of our “Three Evenings With Sam King” series, we’d like to say THANK YOU to all who made it the huge success that it was! With three nights of great music in a beautiful space, surrounded by happy and listening people, we’re moving forward with great memories of these three special nights.

We’d like to specifically thank Rockwood Music Hall for hosting our event. The unparalleled sound and atmosphere of ‘Stage 3’ was perfect for our series of acoustic duos.

Thank you to Sam King, who travelled all the way from Berlin to perform for us! It was a short trip to the states for him — he’s already back home in Germany — but without Sam, these three nights wouldn’t have been the same.

To all of our special guest artists; Rebecca Haviland, Jared Mahone and Caleb Hawley; thank you for sharing your music! Each of you brought your unique style and personality to the stage to create a memorable night of music making.

We’ve got more special events in store for you throughout the summer and beyond, so make sure to stay connected with Fieldhouse Music for new music and event updates!

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Thanks again and see you next time!


Fieldhouse Music

FullSizeRender (1)

Sam and Jared jamming at Rockwood


A duet with Sam and Rebecca


The Musicians pose with Amberly and Sinead at the BMG/Fieldhouse

mixer at Lovecraft in the East Village

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