Self Awareness – Spirituality and Authenticity in Artistry.


Every artist strives to be unique and stand apart from others. So how do you create your own unique style, a signature sound? YOU DO YOU!

An artist (songwriter, producer, musician, creative) can have success manufacturing a cool sound, vibe, style but you will definitely have a longer lasting, lifetime career with all it’s ebbs and flows as you naturally evolve as a person and creative, connect to more people – because people connect to authenticity and most importantly you can live your life with a deep confidence because when you are living honestly there is nothing to apologize for, you have nothing to be self-conscious of. You’re being YOU! That’s not carte blanche to be a jerk, on the contrary, evolving as a person spiritually, emotionally & mentally, in that order, takes you deeper into the truth of who you truly are and from that place of knowing you align with your integrity, your truest desires and purpose.

Evolving as a person means you evolve as an artist – your lyrics growing and changing as you do, your style, your musical taste naturally taking their course. When you come from integrity – what is in alignment with your truth, goes with your grain you always have the answer. You KNOW if you would say those lyrics, wear that outfit, make that choice, etc. It’s when we compromise integrity – for money, success, fear of failure that we often, if not always lose – either in the immediate or in the long term by going against the very fiber of your being. That’s not to say you don’t listen to the trusted people on your team, on the contrary you must or the ego really does take over, but when someone makes a suggestion for an album cover you know if you don’t like it or if it’s bigger and bolder than you would have imagined & you absolutely love it.

When you have made something up or it comes from a “cool idea” you think the audience will like, the label will dig or it will sell, there is zero foundation to stand on. You can guess all you like, try all you might but there is no knowing and in this realm you will always be self-conscious because it’s not rooted in your integrity. And following up that cool song or album with a second… where do you go? Since the original idea wasn’t genuine you’re starting all over trying to come up with another “cool idea” or guess the trend. Whereas when you come from your genuine impulses, they are never ending – you will always be inspired and have desires and impulses from the inside craving to come out and be expressed.

One way to begin this process of knowing yourself and aligning with your integrity is to practice listening to your inner voice, your intuition. The first gut response you have. Not the second-guessing, all the logical reasons why something won’t work or would be better the other way… all the thoughts attached to fear. Practice following your impulses, the first idea – the one that lights your soul on fire.

We are all influenced by our early experiences, living, reacting and making choices based on early wounds, beliefs and learned ideas. Everyone has an idea of who they are based on a million things we’ve been told we are by parents, teachers, siblings, friends, strangers… Evolving is unsubscribing to ideas that don’t belong to you, letting go of the beliefs that hold you back and limit your belief in yourself. This can be done in a variety of ways and involves deep work, internal investigation and releasing of old patterns.

I created The Artist’s Circle – a monthly event in NYC, LA & Nashville (bi-monthly) to introduce ideas, tools, concepts and opportunities to share experiences with other music creatives in order to assist in this discovery, uncovering and emerging process. The group atmosphere provides inspiration, insight, motivation and community. Sometimes we’re watching a Ted Talk, discussing specific subjects, meditating – digging into our emotional, spiritual and mental systems to uncover common fears, shared experiences, and by learning about one another we find out how connected we are, the different ways our peers others have overcome certain things, get inspired by one another and truly have friends and colleagues to reach out who get you, what your life is about, what you’re going through and very organically musical collaborations are occurring.

As a coach, it’s my role to help artist’s have a fulfilling experience as an artist & ultimately in life. Evolving as a person is key to evolving as an artist – for who is the artist – a bold, grand, authentic expression of the human spirit, connecting emotionally with others through music. What a privilege. What a responsibility. What a gift.

Practice knowing yourself, aligning your actions with your integrity, your passion and your purpose. Take action on your dreams and watch your life and creativity flow.


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