Aline Queen

Alinepic2 Aline Queen was born in Belgium but spent a lot of her time traveling. While she lived in Paris she became interested in the world of Domination and Fetishism and worked as a professional Dominatrix. She has a strong musical background and many years of training in classical music during her teen years. She was considered somewhat of a musical prodigy. Fluent in piano, she also studied Opera. Schubert, Verdi and Debussy are amongst her favorite composers. She very soon started composing her original pieces. After she moved to NYC, she started working with Lynn Verlayne on a pop approach to her songwriting, mixing elements of classical music and expressing herself through the world of Fetishism. Together, they worked with producers Lee Groves (Depeche Mode, Madonna) and Scott Jacoby (John Legend) on finding her sound and crafting a unique electro-pop vision that would really envelope all the different aspects of her soul. She is fearless in letting people know who she is and not afraid to be different and bold. Her one and only real mission is to give a voice to the oddballs out in the world and tell them not to be afraid to be themselves and shine, whether it be through sexual expression and exploration, fashion, through art or personal achievement. Provocative at times, childlike at other times, she has a duality and a undeniable charisma. During live shows at nightclubs such as Greenhouse (NYC), the audience is taken back and mesmerized with her appearance and confidence. She is reminiscence of a young Madonna, with fragments of Goldfrapp, Muse and Blondie. Posts About AlineWebsite FacebookTwitter

Aline’s music is a hybrid of Katy Perry meets Goldfrapp, something visionary and sexy. She brings EuroPop to the forefront. Aline is a feminine power that Pop Dance Music rarely has. She’s bringing Sexy back for the women.– Rev Gay Magazine

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