Beecher’s Fault

“Beecher’s Fault have one foot in pearly pop, while including sonic somersaults to keep your head twirling while your feet are moving.” -Deli Magazine

More than anything Ben Taylor was looking for a job. That’s what 20-somethings do when their band breaks up, their girlfriend leaves them, and they find themselves unemployed and slouched on their parents’ couch in the suburbs of New Jersey. Sure he was writing songs too–there was, after all, much to write about. But for the most part he was preparing for the worst: The Real World.

He really had no way of foreseeing, as he browsed online job boards that fateful hot summer day, just exactly what kind of realness was about to hit him. It came along in the form of a Craig’s List post from one of the realest dudes to ever work in a frame shop: Ken Lamken.

“Anyone wanna jam in the Morristown area?”

Having responded affirmatively to the post, Ben found himself just minutes later, face to face with a neighbor he’d never seen before. A frizzle-haired painter wearing a wife beater and board shorts. A scrappy guitar slung around his shoulder. With a serious expression, he didn’t say a word, just started playing. Not certain if he would make it out of the encounter alive, Ben joined in.  A day or two later, “Leftover People” was written and Beecher’s Fault had unknowingly began.

Six years, 3 EPs, countless shows, and several TV appearances later, Beecher’s Fault, now based in (and proud of) Astoria, NYC, continues to stretch the limits of the sound they’ve rounded out over the years. A hybrid between artful folk rock and catchy synth pop, (think Wilco meets Passion Pit) the band creates accessible music that appeals to a very wide audience. Sometimes the front row is in their teens, sometimes they’re in their sixties.

2016 saw the band tour vast stretches of the United States, perform to a sell-out crowd at Brooklyn Bowl, and create the first-ever Snapchat music video – an accomplishment that landed them a spot on Pix11 news in NYC.  2017 has arrived and Beecher’s Fault is kicking it up another notch with a full-length album in the works. Supported by the mysterious and masterful Max Maples on drums, the funkadelic Frenchman Serge Ruccolo on bass, and the always angelic Lauren Hunt joining them on vocals, this quintet is certainly up to something big this year.

Here’s the first snippet of what’s to come.

“Following last year’s Do As People Do EP, Beecher’s Fault are back with a new single, “Life In This Light.” The track is a complex hybrid, adorning the band’s folky rock with soulful, gospel-inspired backing vocals and ambient guitars, all of which get their moment to shine through a sparse arrangement built on the rush and lull of complicated rhythmic patterns. And then just when you’ve caught up with the flow, the song launches into it’s final third, a driving rock beat with some classic rock guitar figures and vocoder vocals.” – Ourstage Magazine

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