Bluebirds Of Paradise

0005081895_10We are Bluebirds of Paradise, two singer songwriters (Ari Hest and Chrissi Poland) who share a mutual love of jazz, Brazilian rhythms, and duet singing. So we decided to form a band and make a record! We are so thrilled to bring you our first recording, entitled In A Night, produced by world-renowned bassist, singer, artist and musical giant Will Lee!

Chrissi and Ari first met on a tour of the UK, where they shared several bills around England and began playing on each other’s songs. About a year and a half later, they debuted the first Bluebirds of Paradise single at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. “Snow” was revealed as an “alt” holiday song, it’s clever lyric and catchy melody struck a chord immediately with their audiences.” -Alex Berger, host of above-mentioned tour, who was subjected to Ari and Chrissi’s duet-ing constantly for 8 days will touring the UK in a compact car.



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