Brigitte Zarie

Rarely has a new songwriter / singer come on the scene as fresh and original as Brigitte Zarie. Sounding like she grew up in the casinos of Las Vegas, she channels the era of Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Her material, all original, is as authentic and natural as the best of the 50’s and 60’s. With a bit of Sammy Cahn, Ervin Drake, Alana and Marilyn Bergman and Cy Colemen, all wrapped up into one, Brigitte sounds and sings like the very best. Supported , arranged and co-written by world-class bassist and producer , Neil Jason, New York’s finest musicians perform on her latest album. Neil’s background as a member of the Saturday Night Live band and regular guest of the The Late Show with David Letterman and his years working with John Lennon, Carly Simon, Roxy Music and Paul Simon all have contributed to this sterling compilation. Posts About Brigitte ZarieWebsite Facebook


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