Connor Zwetsch

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Florida’s Connor Zwetsch was raised on the warm singer/songwriter anthems and pop mania that colored the 90s. Inspired by artists such as Matchbox 20 and New Radicals, Connor found a sense of belonging through music. Nowadays, Connor’s voice as a solo artist is marked by back-porch songwriter’s honesty, with a penchant for catchy, upbeat melodies.

Connor emanates a contagious kind of comfort on stage, letting audiences sit back and sink into her warm and inviting vibes. Her music is delivered with bare honesty and confessional lyrics; a view of ventured mountains seen from a well-worn family rocking chair.

Her debut EP, “ What Comes After”, recorded at Bear Creek Studio with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy), is scheduled for release in August 2015 on Noble Steed Music. “What Comes After” is an autobiographical collection that will resonate with all who are navigating love, loss, and the search for life’s silver linings. It’s a celebration of the big and small things: water wasted, bridges burned, gas station wine, and whatever it is that comes after.


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