Ed Hale

Ed Hale has been a critically acclaimed force in modern rock for years as front man for the eclectic band, Ed Hale and the Transcendence. Since becoming an accidental adult contemporary start via his latest solo, acoustic-driven hit single,”Scene in San Francisco,” the New York-based singer-songwriter’s career has been in overdrive. In addition, the entire catalog of Ed Hale and his band The Transcendence—eight albums in all—have been picked up by TouchTunes Interactive Networks, which introduced the first digital jukebox 14 years ago and is now the leading in-venue entertainment network, streaming music through jukeboxes and piped-in digital feeds. TouchTunes reaches consumers in over 52,000 bars, restaurants and retail locations in North America.”Scene in San Francisco,” which recently broke into both Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Top 30 Chart and the Top 15 on FMQB’s AC40 Chart –putting Hale in the company of pop superstars like Maroon 5, Adele, Kelly Clarkson andOneRepublic – has also been picked up by the Landmark Theatres chain for their In Theatre Music Program where the song will be played in more than 500 movie theaters around the U.S. in May. Hale says, “I’m walking on clouds and have been enjoying the many perks of my most recent rise in popularity, including endorsement deals with Kurzweil Music Systems, Nord, Ultrasone, Gibson Guitars and Dean Markley Guitar Strings.”
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