Jared Mahone

JaredMahone5“In the wake of his 2010 song-a-week creative writing experiment called The Mixtape Project, Jared Mahone found himself with a catalog of songs broad enough for a handful of albums. Because The Mixtape Project was crowd-focused and crowd-inspired, he left it up to that crowd to create their own mix tapes. Fans chose favorites from the catalog, Jared complied the common favorites, and then set out to record what would become his first ever, full-length album completely dedicated to the people that influence and support what he does as an independent artist, songwriter and performer. Alone or with his band and their brand of current soul-influenced pop melodies and sonics, Jared will be touring this new album appropriately entitled “Mixtape” throughout the remainder of this year, expanding his hometown crowd from Columbus, Ohio to the furthest reaches of the midwest concrete-corn and beyond.”

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One Response to “Jared Mahone”
  1. Brad Parker says:

    Finally, something fresh and worthy of my hard earned cash.
    A must have for my music collection.
    May you be successful in all things Jared!


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