Josh Flagg

06It starts simply enough – a chord, a phrase, a riff, a melody. Josh Flagg experiments with these basic ingredients, rearranging and combining them into an unexpected whole. What is not simple is explaining the depth of his material. Josh’s songs can be anthemic, wrenching, smoldering, poetic, dynamic or anywhere in between. He crafts lyrics and sounds that can unsettle or soothe, that surprise and reward you with repeated listens. Once you’ve heard one of his songs, you can’t get it out of your head. Flagg followed up the taut, beautifully constructed power pop gems on his debut EP Watch It Burn with Devastate Me, his first full-length album, in 2011. Here’s what the critics have had to say: “Taking songwriting into new territories and yet being one of the most infectious power rock albums, how has the rest of the country not caught on to Josh Flagg yet?” – Swerve Magazine. “The feeling that sticks after listening to Josh Flagg’s record is…velocity. There’s a sense of urgency that colors the songs individually, and the record as a whole.” – The Buzz About. “Josh Flagg’s greatest asset is his informed and soulful vision, one which lifts these songs into the dramatic realms of great Americana, cadillacs and tumbleweeds and all.” – Tasty Fanzine. “The album’s highlight comes in the form of the PERFECT ‘256’, it’s steady build up with atmospheric squelches and squeals combine with airy vocals before bursting into life. To say this is one of my favourite songs that I have heard this year would be an understatement. Immense.” – This Is A Popscene. “There is so much pent-up dark energy let loose in these songs that when married to good old-fashioned pop melodies, the impact is damn near irresistible.” – Power of Pop. Flagg and his band, The Obligations, are back on the road this year bringing their angular brand of rock and power-pop through the Northeast, Midwest, and South, followed by an end of year run to the West Coast. They’ll be playing raucous versions of songs from the album, promoting the new single “Home” and testing new material for the second full length, due in late 2013. Posts About Jerad FinckWebsite Facebook.


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