King Complex


The artists behind King Complex, Bracher Brown and Cody Doss, were brought up and trained as musicians and songwriters. Their game was changed while waiting in line at Bonnaroo 2013 to see Paul McCartney when Bracher overheard someone gushing about Pretty Lights. It would be seeing the Pretty Lights show that night, and realizing the boundless creativity in electronic music, that awakened the entity that is King Complex.

King Complex is an intrepid project that recontextualizes organic instrumentation and pop compositional approaches with the daring innovations currently happening in electronic music. Their first single, “Made In America,” examines the deification of criminals by the media through exploring how often in pop culture criminals and rock stars vie for the same cover story real estate. The scathing lyrical statement goes down easy, offset by raw beats, filthy ambience, hooky glam-rock guitars, ominously soulful vocal refrains, and gorgeous soaring lead vocals.

Their self-titled EP is a gritty testament to innovative expression. Recorded in their bedroom, the duo engineered, produced, and mixed the EP themselves. This sort of process allowed for a vast amount of experimentation within every aspect of the production. Static covered vocals, dirty bass grooves, and distorted drums fill the tracks with an edge often missing from rock music today.

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