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mattshapiro-websize-1Electro-pop singer-songwriter Matt Shapiro has been a stranger in his own life. For years, driving around streets late at night while signing along to his favorite songs was the only time he felt he could be a musician. During the daytime, he was burdened with others expectations and the demands of a traditional life. Today, he embraces his musical gifts and boldly steps forward with the cinematic synth-pop album, Metaphysical.

Shapiro’s musicality traverses house, EDM, new wave, Brit pop, and alternative rock. Signposts to his artistry include influences such as Radiohead, The Police, The Cure, early U2, New Order, and Roy Orbison. Shapiro’s lyrics are both searching and full of enlightenment. His songcraft melds sleek radio hooks with stirring atmospheric  rock. And his richly resonant vocals convey luxuriousness and longing, conjuring the crooning tradition of early rock n’ roll balladeers through the 1980s new wave superstars.

Previous to MetaphysicalShapiro released two albums and engaged in several successful collaborations. His house co-write with DJ and producer Tone Depth, “To The Moon,” garnered him critical acclaim and the track was picked up by Dave Seamans’ Audio Therapy label in the UK and commissioned for several remixes. To date, “To The Moon” has been played on around the world by EDM stars including Tiesto and Deep Dish. Other Shapiro cuts have been placed in such TV shows as the Gemini award-winning Candadian television show 15 Love, Charlie Jade (a Canadian / South African co-production), the Canadian reality series Webdreams, and the CW’s reboot of Melrose Place.

Metaphysical, unfolds patiently with  “Alive Again” . The first seconds of the track put forth a calming sun-peering-through-the dark ambience, and then Shapiro sings delicately the words “alive again”. The following tracks touch upon the type of enlightenment and self-knowledge hard fought from spiritual struggle- the shadowboxing we do with our own soul when we feel lost and alienated. “A lot of the material has to do with the invisible things. The song ‘Alive Again’ is about spiritual rebirth,” he shares. The 12-track album touches upon ethereal modern rock and uplifting new wave with hits of EDM . Other album standouts include the soaring hooks of the majestic ballad “Maybe You Don’t” and the pent-up emotionality of “In The Summer”. The album closes with bold vulnerability on the atmospheric and uplifting “Underneath”.

With a new era of assured artistry, growth, and confidence on the horizon, Shapiro pauses for reflection. Thinking back on that transformative conversation with the sage he met at the tech conference, he says: “I realized that the answers we are all looking for are inside. We just have to be still enough to listen. This music helped me get clarity when I felt lost. I hope this album offers that same hope and direction to others out there.”

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