Natalie Forteza


Simmering soft and subtle, Natalie Forteza, taps into both the sultry and sweet. She has a wondrous ability to not just push familiar buttons in the listener’s soul, but also find new ones they may not even be aware that they have.

Legendary R&B artist Porter Carroll Jr. [Atlantic Starr founder, Hall & Oates percussionist] felt there was something truly special here. Carroll stepped in to help bring her talent to the masses, which led to an introduction to Grammy winner Michael League from Snarky Puppy, who produced her EP. Quoting League, “My favorite musicians are those who have their own sound—the ones you recognize the instant you hear them. This is how I felt when I first heard Natalie. She creates a vibe from the first note, and holds you until the last one. And in addition to that, she’s an absolute joy to be around. It was a pleasure to be a part of her debut album.”

“Man on the Moon,” “Feels so Good,” “Kiss,” “Too Late Too Soon” titles from her debut EP “01”; are musical escapes to passionate places where romance, mystery and loss all manage to swirl together like trade winds playing in the palms.

Throughout of the complexities of her life, Natalie’s constant and true passion has always been music. Growing up in New York, she was exposed to a rich stew of Jazz and Brazilian music, along with classic American standards and contemporary Pop. As a young girl she took these modern classics and used them to help illuminate her own path. The painful tangle of personal losses she endured also became a source of profound inspiration. And thus, combining her life with the complex and sophisticated sounds that called to her, an artist emerged.

“There were many vocalists I highly respected and admired that I listened to in my formative years,” she says, “but Natalie Cole was the gatekeeper for me, as a vocalist.” One of the first records growing up that truly triggered and unleashed the art of classic music for Forteza was Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable,” the poignant tribute to her father.

However it was the discovery of familiar Worldly rhythms and lush layers of percussion in the 1992 Sade album “Love Deluxe” that became a pivotal moment in Forteza’s development. “Sade’s music was a life changing revelation for me,” Forteza recalls, “ ‘Love Deluxe’ was already 5-6 years old by the time I first listened to it, but yet there was something timeless, organic and simple about it that I fell in love with. It felt collaborative between vocals and instruments, and it wasn’t contained to just one genre, it weaved multiple genres successfully. This is what I wanted to be as an artist, and as a band.”

When you hear Natalie sing today, layers of emotion and life experiences are exposed in heartfelt stories through her songs with a soulful, exotic mystique.

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