Brooklyn-based Psychobaby is “a band you need to look out for in 2016” according to Independent Music News. Their sound combines sharp, driving instrumentals with powerful and expressive vocals. They have drawn comparisons to 90s riot grrrl bands, PJ Harvey, and the Buzzcocks. They won The Deli Magazine’s poll for best emerging artist in the “Slacker Rock” category and have received coverage from blogs in Japan, Germany, and the UK. With the release of their new EP, “Rough Start,”  we are introduced to new songs that give us a better idea of this group’s sonic spectrum: second track “Believer” dabbles in dream pop territory, with Juliet Garrett’s polished vocals delivering her most uplifting melody to date. “Flower Hat Man” explores  post punk atmospheres through dissonant guitars and a more aggressive attitude, but doesn’t come across as natural and accomplished as the first two tracks.
Psychobaby recently participated in NYC’s Mondo Festival and they have performance dates in the coming months in venues along the East Coast. Stay tuned for a Psychobaby show near you!



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