surefireSurefire pick up from that boom-boom swagger of UK rock from the late sixties and early seventies when high-energy kids influenced equally by the British Blues Boom and Beatle-mania penned the soundtrack to their youth. The album as a sonic pulpit was a new convention for more ambitious rock n’ roll discourse and artists crafted these long players as dramatic, interest-holding pieces with anthems, ballads, and playful mid-tempo numbers, sequencing tunes so the listening experience was filmic in scope. This is Surefire’s heritage. Surefire is an album-oriented record in the most traditional peaks-and-valleys sense with ass shakers (“The Mountain,” “She’s Golden”) balancing cigarette lighter wavers (“Sea Song,” “By My Side”). Founder Ben Rice called up his friends, young guitarist Emiliano Ortiz, steady handed drummer Ben Spinrad and bassist Seth Bulkin, who he had met doing sessions; the Surefire organically and effortlessly came together and the sound in Ben’s head became the sound before his ears. “Surefire is the best young, innovative band I’ve heard in years,” Eddie Kramer enthuses, “I do believe that Surefire has all of the right stuff to have a successful recording and live career.” Posts About SurefireWebsite


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