Check Out Fieldhouse’s Newest Artist NICK DEUTSCH

Nick Deutsch (born December 8th, 1986) is a New York based piano playing indie pop Singer/Songwriter originally from Wilmette Illinois. His musician Mother prompted his early interest in music, helping to instill a deep love for Classical and Jazz Piano. Nick started singing at the age of ten where he honed his performance skills at … Continue reading

No Cents: the 1st Quarter Blues

Well, it’s never a surprise — January comes and with it: nothing. You wanted to be a musician, you live for the glory days of Spring and Summer when the gigs come hard and fast. When it’s warm and the days are long and you can stay out til three in the morning in your … Continue reading

In Case You Missed It: Fieldhouse’s CMJ Artist Showcase at Rockwood Music Hall

It was a wonderful week in NYC for this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, even if the weather was a bit gloomy. Alongside all the fantastic panels and other performances, Fieldhouse showed off some of their very own talented artists in a showcase at Rockwood Music Hall. In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of … Continue reading

Beyond the Monster Mash: A Halloween Playlist

PLAYLIST:  Beyond the Monster Mash: A Halloween Playlist (OCTOBER 29TH, 2014) We all love a good holiday mix and Halloween is no exception! Although there will always be a place in our hearts for the old standbys, you’ll find no “Ghostbusters” or “Thriller” here; instead we’ve rounded up some (mostly) new ghoulish indie and rock songs … Continue reading