In The Field : Jared Mahone : 12/17 “Wrap Up”

December 17, 2013 “Wrap Up” “Well, this fall tour came to an end on December 1st and I thought it would be fitting to at least wrap things up for now as I can’t see how continuing entries to a journal called “In The Field” would make much sense from home. I covered 15 states … Continue reading

In the Field : Jared Mahone : 11/9 “Memories”

November 9, 2013 “Memories” “Touring all these college campuses makes me think of my own higher learning days. I paid my way through college by auditioning for a fifteen member performance group that was equal parts campus PR team, theme park show, cover band, recruitment effort, and a cappella group. Lets face it. . .I … Continue reading

In the Field : Jared Mahone : 11/4 “Cry Baby”

November 4, 2013 “Cry Baby” “Great show in Indiana. I drove the band back to Columbus after and had a nice couple of days at home this weekend. We threw a party to raise funds that will buy some families in our neighborhood a turkey for Thanksgiving and I got to kiss my chick. The … Continue reading

In the Field : Jared Mahone : 11/1 “On Fumes”

November 1, 2013 “On Fumes” “I’m an insomniac. Not sure if it’s a medical issue or a creative issue. Either way, I’m used to operating on little to no sleep. This week, however, was a bit ridiculous. If you will allow me, I would like to give an account of just how silly my schedule … Continue reading