Beecher’s Fault on ESPN’s “The Book of Manning”

We are so excited about another fantastic opportunity with ESPN! Ben and Ken of Beecher’s Fault sang the vocals on the theme song for the new “30 for 30” documentary entitled “The Book of Manning,” directed by Rory Karpf. The film tells the story of legendary football quarterback Archie Manning and his sons Peyton and … Continue reading

Loeffler & Wolfert Compose Theme for Fuse News

Executive Director John Loeffler and his composing partner David Wolfert have done it again! Together they composed the theme for the new hit Fuse News, which debuted last Wednesday Feb. 6th. “Join anchors Alexa Chung and Matte Babel as they bring you the first hard-hitting news show to tackle music exclusively: Fuse News. Keeping you … Continue reading

John Loeffler: Associate Producer of “The Black Tulip”

Next week, on October 26th, 2012, the film The Black Tulip will be released in US Theaters. John Loeffler,founder & executive director of Fieldhouse Music, was the Associate Producer for this film! The Black Tulip, directed by Sonia Nassery Cole, was originally released in Afghanistan on September 23, 2010. The film was the winner of … Continue reading

PHOTO: Mixing Track for New Pokemon DVD

John Loeffler and Brandon of Speakerfone working together on a new track for the upcoming Pokemon 15 DVD! Sitting with Pokemon fan & BMG employee Julia, and Dileepan.